AHERUSIA unveil details and teaser of upcoming album

AHERUSIA - Prometheus

Hellenic folk black metallers Aherusia will release their third full-length album “Prometheus – Seven Principles on How to Be Invincible” on the 18th of February 2017, through Prime Eon Media. A profound and exhilarating concept album, about the Titan who stole the fire from the gods to pass it on to humanity and suffered terribly for his transgression, “Prometheus” is a huge step up in every possible way from their previous efforts. It is dark and epic, but its refined production values and live in the studio performances make it an extremely engrossing listen. The multitude of traditional influences are perfectly accumulated and give it a distinct, Hellenic “style”, while it also maintains a very sharp metal profile, due to it’s epic riffs and some very fine and inspired soloing.

All lyrics (except for “Ωκεανός“, which is an Orphic Hymn) are original, written in Common Hellenistic (Ancient Greek dialect spoken after Alexander the Great’s era). “Prometheus” is recorded live in Sound way Studios, mixed with minimal overdubs by Dimitris Douvras in Lunatech Sounds Studios. All clean vocals are by Voreas Faethon and Angeliki “Angel” Chatzitheodorou. The wonderful cover artwork “The Sacred Wound“, is a huge impressive woodcut (200x80cm) engraved by Fotis Varthis.

The album will be presented live on February 18th 2017 in Second Skin Club, where Aherusia will be accompanied by live orchestra! Furthermore, a theater play based on the album, with elements of ancient Greek tragedy, is prepared for the Spring of 2017, where Aherusia will participate as the live orchestra of the theater! Receive the gift of fire, on the 18th of February 2017, through Prime Eon Media. “Prometheus – Seven Principles on How to Be Invincible” will be available in two versions: double LP + CD (album) and double CD (album + special orchestral mix, where the band reveals some post metal influences), both at very low prices. Pre-orders will soon begin. Aherusia have just revealed the album tracklist and a video teaser with short samples of the songs. Enjoy below!

00. Ανάσα Άνασσα
01. Ανάβασις – Ascending: Martyrdom’s Crown
02. Άσκι Κατάσκη – As Light Defeats Darkness
03. Ανώνυμος – Anonymous
04. Δαμάζων Χάη – Taming Chaos
05. Προφητεία – A Prophecy
06. Ωκεανός – Ocean
07. Κράτους και Βίας Θραύσας Δεσμά – Breaking the Chains of Atrocity

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