ARKANE – Enraptured Serene Mesmerism

ARKANE – Enraptured Serene Mesmerism

Origin: Greece
Genre: Neoclassical
Label: Seduction Prod
Year: 2008

Arkane is the new solo project of ArkanumX (aka Pandelis Giasafakis) who was one of the founding members of the cult Greek band Fiendish Nymph (Daemonia Nymphe later). Since he left the band he created music on his own at a new more ambient ritual neoclassical style. His first effort was the album “Arcane Elitism” under the name x-Arkane-x in 2002. Now in 2008 he returns with his newest work entitled “Enraptured Serene Mesmerism” under the name Arkane.

This new album required many years of work, but the outcome is really good. First of all it has nothing to do with metal. It’s dark ghostly symphonic soundtrack-like music with a neoclassical approach. The songs have no lyrics, just few recitations and many female operatic ethereal vocals, which are really enchanting and totally out-of-this-world. The thematology and aesthetics of the album is about a dark seductive aspect of ancient Hellenic sirens and nereids, and the music is perfect to match this atmosphere. The sound is keyboard based, with a very depressive feeling and it’s something like the soundtrack of a dark film (like the “Ninth Gate”). Even though the album seems like one big track, there are changes in the intensity and mood of the songs, but they are all unified under the unique and dominant atmosphere of the whole work.

The cd is released in a really beautiful black and white A5 digipak, with an amazing photo on the cover that captures perfectly the feeling of the album. If you like dark soundtrack neoclassical music you shouldn’t miss this album. It is a very impressive effort of a Greek “band” and you can check on your own here.


Rating:  (8,5/10)

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