ARATHORN – Treue und Verrat

ARATHORN – Treue und Verrat

Origin: Germany
Genre: Epic Black Metal Folk Metal
Label: Folter Records
Year: 2008

Do you remember Arathorn? Not Tolkien’s character, but the German folk black metal band that released back in 1997 the amazing debut “Niemals Krönender als Was Einst War”. After that album the 3 members of the band split up and the band seemed dead for many years! But Sköll (one of the band’s member) decided that Arathorn should be revived. So in 2004 he recorded and released a demo, and now in 2008 Arathorn’s second album, 11 years after the debut, is reality!

Despite the relatively bad quality of the production and sound, I have to admit that I like this album very much. It is a combination of folk, neo-folk and epic melodic black metal. Most of the vocal-lines are clean with some black metal screams from time to time. Acoustic instruments (mainly guitars) are very dominant, giving a very melodic face to the whole album. In this work the most important thing in my opinion is its melodies. They are all very beautiful, and seem to be composed for a reason; they have something to tell, they convince me it’s a matter of inspiration and not a result of brainstorm…

The atmosphere of the songs is very epic, melancholic with a folk medieval mood. Maybe it’s not something you’ve never heard before (actually you probably have and in much better sound), but it definitely has amazing melodies and a pure true pagan nostalgic spirit that won me from the first listen. After all what counts the most in music (and art in general) is its ability to travel you to “other” places and let your imagination free… If you let your self to Arathorn’s music you won’t regret it.

Anyway I hope they will improve the production next time, as far as it won’t affect the quality of their music. Also I wish it won’t take that long for a new album! You can always visit their myspace page for samples.


Rating:  (9/10)

Arathorn @ Myspace

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