HYPOCRAS ready to release new EP

HYPOCRAS - Implosive

Swiss death Viking folk metallers Hypocras from Geneva will release their new EP “Implosive” tomorrow, on Friday November 25th, 2016. The band has begun in 2006 as an instrumental projet by Arnaud Aebi and Samuel Jakubec, but the actual line-up dates from 2008. They released their first EP “Burning Drakkard” in 2010 and their debut album “The Seed of Wrath” in 2013. The upcoming EP will be initially available for digital download on Hypocras’ official Bandcamp page. However in early December 2016 it will also be self-released in digisleeve CD edition. The band has unveiled the beautiful cover artwork, created by Diego Graham and the EP tracklist.

1. Implosive Absolution           
2. At the Edge
3. A Song for Them (Djizoes cover)
4. At the Edge (remix by BAK XIII).

Hypocras @ Facebook
Hypocras @ Bandcamp


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