ANDRAS – Iron Way

ANDRAS – Iron Way

Origin: Germany
Genre: Epic Black Metal Pagan Metal
Label: Einheit Produktionen
Year: 2008

Epic pagan black metallers Andras are back 3 years after their previous effort “…of Old Wisdom”, the album that changed their sound. Their new work continues in the great style of this new Andras era…

The Germans offer us 45 minutes of very melodic well played majestic black metal, with  great variety in their sound. The voice of Ecthelion, even though he still reminds a lot of Vintersorg, is a trademark of the band’s new sound and he sings more with clean vocals than black metal. His voice, and mainly his clean vocals, has a very melancholic, epic expression and I believe it’s improved compared to the previous album “…of Old Wisdom”. The compositions are great, especially in the more bombastic melodic parts and the refrains, that (at least some of them) stay in your mind for quite a long…

Keyboards blend perfectly with the guitars and their importance varies from song to song. The mood changes often from epic to more melancholic or aggressive and the same happens with the tempo of the songs. In my opinion their more melodic symphonic songs are of higher quality, and the song “Pagan Path” is the best of the album. One difference I can find with their previous work, is that the tempo is somehow slower, and the more aggressive parts are reduced…

The production is very professional resulting in a very solid and full sound, where every instrument is at the right level. If you liked their last album you will love this CD. Also fans of melodic pagan black metal won’t be disappointed by this great release. You can visit their myspace profile to listen to some of their songs.


Rating:  (8/10)

Andras @ Myspace

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