ODR release new single

ODR - Fuochi nelle Valli

Italian folk pagan black metallers Odr from Turin have just released the single “Fuochi nelle Valli” taken from their upcoming full-length album, scheduled for release in 2017. The song tells of an ancient history of persecution and violence that struck the valleys of their region Piedmont in Italy. It talks about witch-hunting that took place in the middle-ages. From a stylistic point of view, the music in ”Fuochi nelle Valli” is getting a bit darker, with less traditional folk melodies and more harmonies, resulting from various music genres, from classical music to black metal. The future full-length album will be an homage to the music Odr like and they listen to, in all of its forms and different kinds, and will contain many citations from it. That’s what probably Odr style is based to…            

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