Origin: Slovakia
Genre: Epic Black Metal Pagan Black Metal
Label: SoundAge Productions
Year: 2008

Perun Do Vas !!!” is the second full-length album by this (unknown to most, I hope not for very long) Slovakian band. Ancestral Volkhves were formed in 2001 by Dod and Gamayun and the same year they released their demo “Going Towards the Gates of Mystery…” where they delivered some kind of raw pagan black metal. The demo was never distributed properly, since it was self-released… After some silence the band returned with its first official full-length “Son o Iriyi” that was released by KRV Records in 2005. This album was much improved, but then again it wasn’t something really exceptional.

So, I have to admit that when I got “Perun Do Vas !!!” in my hands, I wasn’t expecting something special from it. But I was very wrong! This album is brilliant and I realized I had to review it as soon as possible. From the very first moments it’s clear what it’s all about: fast pagan epic black metal, with the ideal balance between melody and aggression. There are no synths in this album, but their sound is still very full and solid, since guitar lines are bombastic. Even though everything seems very good already, a great surprise awaits in the 3rd song “Perun Do Vas!!!”. Masha from Arkona makes her guest appearance. Her clean female vocals are like always breathtaking and add a folk pagan touch to the songs she appears. She also sings on the 7th song “Slavorozhdenje” (a real folk pagan masterpiece) and on the 9th song “My Slavjane!!!” and she gives one of her best performances.

Guitar is the most dominant instrument in Ancestral Volkhves’ music, with very epic and melodic riffing. The tempo of the songs varies from mid to fast, but most of the time it’s fast. Actually the more slow and melodic songs are the ones with female vocals.  A lot of effort has been put on the compositions, something obvious in the result. The songs differ one from another, with interesting ideas inside them, each one with its own identity. Male vocals are mainly black metal screams full of rage and power (with a few clean parts) and the contrast with Masha is excellent. Unlike their previous works, this time all of the lyrics are in their native language and they deal with Slavonic myths and legends.

I recommend this album to all fans of pagan black metal. Also to all Arkona fans (even though it’s more heavy) since Masha is amazing. Most of Ancestral Volkhves members are also in other interesting bands from Slovakia, like Concubia Nocte and Karpathia. The only “negative” in my opinion in this release is its artwork, since it could have been much better to match the level of the music. You can listen with your own ears in their official pages below.


Rating:  (9/10)

Ancestral Volkhves @ Facebook
Ancestral Volkhves @ Myspace

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