ANCESTORS BLOOD – Return of the Ancient Ones

ANCESTORS BLOOD – Return of the Ancient Ones

Origin: Finland
Genre: Orchestral Black Metal Pagan Black Metal
Label: Hammermark Art
Year: 2008

A great new epic pagan band rises from Finland. They were formed in 2002 and after many demos they managed to release their first full-length in April 2008. The band’s members are also in many other groups like Kadotus, Black Blood, Demon Child and more, but this project has a more melodic approach than all the aforementioned bands.

Their black metal is definitely raw and with a somehow underground sound, but it’s also very melodic with great synths making it more “easy to listen”. The production is more than ok, the guitars are very well played, the vocals at the right level and even though there are many synths nothing gets covered in the background. “Return of the Ancient Ones” deals with the typical pagan themes (epic, nature, anti-Christianity) and all the lyrics are in English. The vocals are raw and they sound more like screams, but the contrast they make with their melodic music is just excellent! The compositions are really brilliant, full of feeling and melancholic melodies and the synths are innovative with amazing orchestrations.

It is an excellent debut from a rather unknown (so far) band, which really deserves some attention. All of the songs are very epic with really breathtaking melodies and at some times they could almost be described as “symphonic”. If you are into more underground sounds, or if you’d like to explore the genre, I believe Ancestors Blood worth a try. Of course there is nothing better than a personal contact with their music on the links below. Since there has to be a grade, always compared to the other more underground releases of the genre…


Rating:  (9/10)

Ancestors Blood @ Facebook
Ancestors Blood @ Myspace

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