EMPYREAN THRONE unveil upcoming debut details


From the whispering shadows, the Chaos Gnostic order of Empyrean Throne has reawakened once again. This time the American symphonic black metal band from Lake Forest, California returns with its first full length record “Chaosborne“, scheduled for release on January 24th, 2017. A tyrannic offering of symphonic black metal malice, “Chaosborne” is a monolith to the potential of Empyrean Throne and a testament to the shear force of auditory punishment the band is capable of harnessing, lurching deeper into the infernal depths of black metal and higher unto the celestial realm of orchestral concert music. The record tells a grim story of a Templar Knight and his journey from medieval Europe, to the battlefields of Montgisard, and his subsequent decent into the realm of chaos and the dark corners of the multiverse beyond. Eleven solemn hymns to unbecoming constitute the tapestry that is “Chaosborne“, with the searing black flame of illumination and wrath burning brighter than in any previous offering from the clandestine order of Empyrean Throne.

Empyrean Throne has just released the official video for the song “Haereticus Stellarum Part II“, revealed the album tracklist and unveiled the cover artwork for “Chaosborne” created by Vladislav Kutuzov! The art itself is a metaphorical reflection of the album’s concept and story. It shows how an individual can harness the power of the Forces of Chaos, and wield them against those that would stifle there voices and spirit.


Chaosborne” heralds in a new era for the order, as Empyrean Throne prepares to embark on what is shaping up to be an extensive live campaign for 2017, which includes a performance with Overkill and Nile. With this next generation of their blackened propaganda, the stage is set for Empyrean Throne to charge head first into the fray and lead a symphonic assault upon every bastion, crevasse, and soul that stands before them. The disciples of the Chaos banner march once more, bringing with them their ritual of fire and liberation!

With Chaosborne we wanted to push ourselves beyond our limits as musicians and artists and explore the darkness both within and around us,” said vocalist Andrew Knudsen. ” For every second of every song we bled our spirit and injected our venom. We wanted to shake the listener and drown them in our message of chaos ideology and rebirth. Above all we wanted to send a clear message, this IS Empyrean Throne, an order of chaos worshipping maniacs that want to bring to bear every bit of sonic fury we can muster. This record is our war cry of liberation and a clear illuminating of our inner fire“.

1. The Twilight Order
2. Sed Nomini Tuo Da Gloriam
3. Usurping the Obsidian God
4. And None Shall Rise…
5. The Devouring Mark
6. From The Mouth ov the Black Icons
7. Stormrite Ascension
8. Chaosborne
9. Haereticus Stellarum Part I
10. Haereticus Stellarum Part II
11. Follow the Plaguelord Part II: The Harbinger ov Pestilence

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