ALNE / STWORZ split album will soon be released

ALNE + STWORZ - Warnija

Polish folk metal bands Alne and Stworz have announced the release of a split album entitled “Warńija“, a work dedicated to both bands’ homeland, Warmia. The album will be released in February 2017 via Werewolf Promotion, on the label’s 10th anniversary. “Warńija” consists of 12 dark neofolk tracks, 4 from Alne and 8 from Stworz, offering almost an hour of stylish and dark pagan folk music, celebrating the spirit of Warmia, the beauty of its nature and its culture, and the forgotten by many traditions. Alne will be supported in vocals by Anna Malarz, whose uncommon voice could be admired until recently in another great Polish folk pagan metal band, Thy Worshiper. For one of their songs, “Tęsknota“, Alne released a promotional clip, using extracts from the movie “Żywot Mateusza” 1967, directed by Witold Leszczynski. You can watch the clip below. Coming now on Stworz side, this material will be the last chapter of an informal “trilogy” that started with their neofolk album “Słońcakres” from 2010 and continued with “Na Trzy Strony Słońca” last year. Stworz have also started working on their upcoming new album, to commemorate the band’s 10th anniversary in Autumn 2017.

1. Alne – Warmińska Noc
2. Alne – Tęsknota
3. Alne – Ognik i Dziewczyna
4. Alne – Rzeko, spojrzyj we mnie
5. Stworz – Ziamno Swiento
6. Stworz – Warnijskie Lato
7. Stworz – O Warmijo
8. Stworz – Łyna
9. Stworz – Słońce
10. Stworz – Jutrzenka
11. Stworz – Pieśń Warmianki
12. Stworz – Wieczór mglisty, wieczór blady

Alne @ Facebook
Alne @ Bandcamp
Stworz @ Facebook
Stworz @ Bandcamp


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