ALESTORM – Black Sails at Midnight

ALESTORM – Black Sails at Midnight

Origin: United Kingdom
Genre: Folk Metal
Label: Napalm Records
Year: 2009

Second attack from the Scottish pirate metallers Alestorm. After their successful debut “Captain Morgan’s Revenge” in 2008, they released the EP “Leviathan” and the split “Black Sails over Europe” with Týr and Heidevolk. At the first days of June their new full-length album “Black Sails at Midnight” will be available from Napalm Records again.

Compared to their previous works, there are no real surprises or innovations. They continue to play heavy / power metal enriched by many folk instruments (like accordion) and keyboards. They manage to create a very happy and epic atmosphere, the perfect soundtrack for any pirate movie! The keyboards are more dominant this time and I believe that the band gave a bigger emphasis on the melodies of the songs. They also use many choir vocals in their refrains, having quite a majestic and bombastic mood. And if in their debut, they tried mainly to “establish” their personal sound, this time they were more confident and the songs are better. There is more work in the compositions, especially in the melodies of the refrains, as well as better orchestrations with a perfect production.

Of course there is no need to mention the lyrical themes of the songs… The band has once again great cover artwork by Ingo Romling. “Black Sails over Europe” contains also two songs from their EP, the songs “Leviathan” and “Wolves of the Sea (Pirates of the Sea cover)” a cover from previous year’s Denmark’s Eurovision song! The addition of some Celtic tunes and instruments works great for the band. If I had to pick one song, that would be by far the fourth track “Keelhauled”, a really uplifting song!

If you were a fan or Running Wild and you like a more epic and contemporary version of pirate metal, Alestorm is by far the best offer around! The album will be released both in normal version and in a limited 8-panel deluxe digipak edition, including bonus DVD (Wacken Open Air 200Smilie: 8). You can also check their official pages to see if they are for you.


Rating:  (9/10)

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