DUROTHAR released debut album


German Viking metallers Durothar from Hamburg have self-released their debut full-length album “Auf See” on December 1st 2016. The album was self recorded and mixed / mastered by Heiko Domeier. Durothar were formed in the year 2009 and during the first years they played melodic pagan metal. As the time ran by and after a few changes in the line-up, their music changed bit by bit. Nowadays the five musicians are playing a heavy mix of black and (melodic) death metal with German lyrics about journeys to foreign northern countries, big battles, the dangers out on sea and the joy of a safe return. Within that they don’t try to look and act like the usual pagan Viking metal bands and they are not afraid to show some self-mockery. In the last few years they played concerts in and around Hamburg, Lόbeck and Bremen, and also in Denmark, together with bands like Skiltron, Kryptos, Killen, Dreadlord, Satanic Assault Division and Resistance. In 2017 they’d like to play in clubs and on festivals all over Germany and the surrounding countries.

1. Mittwinter
2. Heimathafen
3. Beutefahrt
4. Auf See
5. Mann όber Bord
6. Die Vogelinsel
7. Immer Weiter
8. Das fremde Land
9. Ein Fest
10. Im Bauch des Drachen (Bonus track)

Markus – vocals
Maddin – guitars
Chris – guitars
Tobi – bass
Basti – drums
Drums on this album: Holger

Durothar @ Facebook
Durothar @ Bandcamp


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