AKPHAEZYA – Anthology II: Links from the Dead Trinity

AKPHAEZYA – Anthology II - Links from the Dead Trinity

Origin: France
Genre: Avant-garde Metal Progressive Metal
Label: Ascendance Records
Year: 2008

Haha, there are times when words are just too small to describe what the ears listen. How can someone review this weird album from the French band Akphaezya! At least if you read this you are obviously on internet so you can listen to samples from their page.

This is the debut album of Akphaezya, a group that exists from 2002. The band, according to their own words, plays “eclectic” metal featuring the female singer and pianist Nehl Aëlin. Actually they combine almost every music type you can imagine with avant-garde metal. It’s a mixture of progressive, rock, death and Gothic metal, with jazz, trip-hop, cabaret, piano, classical, theatrical, aethereal, ethnic music and every other style freely! Of course the result is very original, and what is most amazing is that they manage to be very good in every genre, with a perfect sound and production. Nehl’s vocals are enchanting, making a wonderful contradiction with the male death screams (that aren’t that often). Even though there are countless genres in this album, I would say that avant-garde progressive metal and jazz are the most dominant.

There are many changes in tempo, mood, intensity, but all of them under a common atmosphere for the whole album, something very difficult. It’s not just a random display of different genres, but there is a very complex structure, by really talented, skilled and ambitious musicians. Totally recommended for open-minded listeners who search for unusual, innovative and original bands. Since words are not enough to describe such weird musical experiments you better visit their official pages below and listen on your own.


Rating:  (9/10)

Akphaezya @ Myspace
Akphaezya @ Facebook

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