MONGOL reveal upcoming EP details

MONGOL - Warrior Spirit

Canadian folk melodic death metallers Mongol from Devon, Alberta present the album artwork of their upcoming EP, entitled “Warrior Spirit“. The tracklist will consist of 3 epic songs to prepare you for all that the Mongol hordes are prepared to unleash upon you in 2017. The cover artwork is by Eric Dieterich of Soloman Media and the band has also reveal the album tracklist. “Warrior Spirit” will be a digital-only release scheduled for the beginning of 2017. Mongol are inspired by the hordes of the ancient Mongolian empire and they have already released 2 full-length albums, “The Altan Urug” in 2012 and “Chosen by Tengri” in 2014. You better follow the band’s official pages below for the EP official release date and further details!

1. The Mountain Weeps                    
2. River Child
3. Warband

Mongol @ Facebook
Mongol @ Bandcamp


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