Origin: Germany
Genre: Epic Black Metal Folk Pagan Metal
Label: Black Bards
Year: 2008

Finally the last album of this great German folk black metal band is at my hands, an album I wanted a lot to listen to. Adorned Brood begun on 1993 and they released in 1996 their cult debut “Hiltia”, a primitive combination of folk music and raw black metal. In 1998 they released “Wigand” an amazing epic folk black metal CD, which was very hard to find, since their label Atmosfear was closed after while. Then in 2000 “Asgard” was out, their best album in my opinion, an excellent mix war epic black metal and epic folk tunes. Unluckily, after that the band changed into a more heavy rock folk style (their guitarist and one of the main composers Mirko “Pagan” left the band) and their two next albums “Erdenkraft” in 2002 and “Heldentat” in 2006 weren’t that good in my ears.

In 2008 though, their guitarist Mirko is back and the band promises a return to its blacker past. After listening to “Noor” some times, I can definitely say it’s much better than their last two works. The rhythms of the album are back to the style of the old days with many changes in tempo: black metal outbursts, acoustic guitars, flute and piano passages are all mixed together in the complex structures of their songs. They have composed once again some very nice melodies, especially in the more folk and acoustic parts and they brought back the epic feeling of early Adorned Brood, since in their previous 2 works it was totally replaced by the folk mood. Now there are parts where their characteristic fast black metal riffing and screams are back, but there are still some more heavy folk oriented songs. I believe that the final result is something between “Asgard” and “Heldentat”.

Of course the sound of the band is very different from the usual epic black metal genre, since it’s still influenced by heavy metal bands, both in the guitars and in the vocals. Especially the vocals remind me sometimes of more extreme versions of bands like Rage, Accept or even Exodus and they are definitely not typical pagan black metal. But then again there is a big variety and different styles in the singing, from totally extreme screaming, to clean male vocals. What is very important is that the band has managed to retain its own identity through the years and if you’ve listened to them before, you can clearly recognize the “Adorned Brood” sound.

Totally this is a very good album, with perfect production, interesting and different songs and rich orchestrations. The compositions are complex and the band tries to “play” with too many genres, which, on the other hand, makes it more difficult to build a solid atmosphere throughout the whole album. Of course their will to return to their roots is more than welcomed by me, but my expectations from Adorned Brood are higher than that. If you are a fan on epic folk pagan metal you should definitely check this band.


Rating:  (8/10)

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