ADOR DORATH – Bestiari

ADOR DORATH – Bestiari

Origin: Czech Republic
Genre: Gothic Metal Symphonic Black Metal
Label: Shindy Productions
Year: 2008

Ador Dorath is one of the most underestimated bands in the symphonic black / extreme gothic metal genre. I believe that they remain unknown to the masses, only because of their origin and the bad distribution they have, something that I don’t see changing soon… Anyway, let’s take things from the beginning. It was 1997 when this band was formed and it took them five years to release their great (but somehow amateur) debut “Adon Nin Edeleth Ador Dorath”. Three years later in 2005 they released their sophomore effort “Symbols” and now in the end of 2008 / beginning of 2009 they released their masterpiece “Bestiari”.

From the first moments of this album it’s becoming clear that we have to do with a professional work. The production really kicks ass! Their music is very symphonic, with complex keyboards, mixed with twisted screaming growls, operatic female vocals, enraged guitars and lunatic drums. The result is breathtaking: an endless attack of riffs and melodies with an unbelievable variety in rhythm and power! They are very gifted and skilled musicians, both in composition and performance, while their singer Anna Neuwirthova can easily be compared with the top “divas” of the Gothic genre. Their orchestrations are totally solid with many classical music references, helped by the fact they have a violoncello player in their line-up! Coming to the compositions, Ador Dorath made an excellent work creating 11 brilliant songs, the one better than the other. There are great melodies in each track, especially in the synths and in the female vocals, without any boring parts or “fillers”. The last song “Postscriptum” is a totally breathtaking slow song with almost crying operatic male and ethnic female vocals that can cause serious goose bumps. All lyrics are in English and the CD is released in an unusual digipak with ”silver” coating both in the cover and in the one side of the booklet!

If you like extreme symphonic Gothic black metal you must check immediately this band. You can listen to some songs following the links below. If you like them (I’ll be surprised if you don’t) you can try to get their albums on their label’s page (shindy productions), or through e-bay, since I haven’t seen them anywhere else so far. I really hope all the best for this great band because they are many levels above the crap that is promoted in this genre.


Rating:  (10/10)

Ador Dorath @ Bandzone
Ador Dorath @ Myspace

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