Tribute to MY DYING BRIDE soon to be released

MY DYING BRIDE - Long Stay in the Darkness Tribute

Russian label SoundAge Productions in cooperation with OR fanzine has prepared an international tribute to Gothic doom death metal legends My Dying Bride, entitled “Long Stay in the Darkness“. It will be released in limited 2CD digipak edition on April 25, 2107. The first CD includes covers of Russian bands, while the second CD includes non-Russian bands. Album tracklist and cover artwork by W. Smerdulak are already revealed. You can also check a 10-minute video teaser below and get a good taste of what’s to come. Pre-orders will be soon available.

1. MENTAL HOME (Russia) – A Sea to Suffer in                               
2. ПУТЬ СОЛНЦА (Russia) – It will Come
3. DOMINIA (Russia) – My Wine in Silence
4. DISSECTOR (Russia) – Into the Lake of Ghosts
5. LITTLE DEAD BERTHA (Russia) – Cry of mankind
6. SHEXNA (Russia) – For You
7. VORONGRAI (Russia) – Thy Raven Wings
8. АНКЛАВ СНОВ (Russia) – A Kiss to Remember
9. NEVERDIE (Russia) – The Raven And the Rose

1. APRIL WEEPS (Slovakia) – She Is the Dark
2. WHEN NOTHING REMAINS (Sweden) – Your River
3. THE EQUINOX OV THE GODS (Sweden) – The Scarlet Garden
4. ENNUI (Georgia) – For My Fallen Angel
5. PATH OF DESOLATION (Switzerland) – Bring Me Victory
6. СEMETERY OF SCREAM (Poland) – The Crown of Sympathy
7. DARK LETTER (Poland) – To Remain Tombless
8. GOD EAT GOD (International) – The Wreckage of My Flesh
9. CONFINEMENT (Switzerland) – A Thorn of Wisdom

SoundAge Productions official page


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