VITER published old demo songs!

VITER - Instrumental Demo 2009

Ukrainian rockers Viter have some good news for the fans of their early years! Since the time of band’s creation and the release of “Dzherelo” EP in 2010, there were 5 instrumental compositions stored in the personal archive of Yulian Mytsyk, who before Viter was in bands like Kroda (as Viterzgir), Capitollium, Dragobrath and Leadhaze among others. These compositions were recorded in 2009 as a demo prior to “Dzherelo” but were never published, except one song that was re-recorded and re-produced later as “Krov Tikae“. Yulian had serious hesitations about releasing this material, but he thinks it is too interesting and genuine to remain obscured and in addition he received multiple requests from fans to publish it. He hopes it will be interesting for the band’s listeners because it reflects the origins of Viter. All songs are in vein of “Dzherelo” album: dozens of live ethnic instruments like sopilka, drymba, horns, trembita and koza were collected and mastered by Yulian (and some were crafted by him personally) and were used in recording. Finally these 5 compositions were released on March 30th 2017 digitally as “Instrumental Demo 2009“, available in cd-baby.

1. Instrumental 1 (5:43)
2. Instrumental 2 (5:36)
3. Instrumental 3 (5:09)
4. Instrumental 4 (6:50)
5. Instrumental 5 (9:05)

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