TEVANA3 will rerelease both of their albums

TEVANA3 - Perapohjolan Takana + Mieron Tiella

Russian label SoundAge Productions has announced the re-release of Tevana3′s complete discography (2 full-length albums) in CD edition on May 17th 2017. Tevana3 is a Finnish melodic extreme metal band, founded in 2010 by Juha Jyrkäs, a kantele player known from ethnic rock band Poropetra and a lyricist of folk metal band Korpiklaani. He wanted to move forward to extreme metal and study all the possibilities to electrify kantele and make it work in metal music. Kantele is a Finnish string-instrument that belongs into zither family. Its relatives can be found throughout the world, including Estonian kannel, Mari kusle, Russian gusli, Latvian kokles and Lithuanian kankles. As Jyrkäs bought himself his first electric kantele, he moved into the new zone, where to bend the barriers of heavy metal. Along with bass player Aslak Tolonen (Nest, Syven) and drummer Janne Väätäinen (Auringon Hauta, Antabus), Jyrkäs created the dark but melodic atmospheric sound that took inspiration from black metal, doom metal and occult rock. Strong influences from Celtic Frost and Darkthrone were also heard.

Tevana3′s debut album ”Mieron Tiellä” (On the World Road) was self-released in 2011. It was the world’s first metal album, in which guitars were replaced with electric kantele. It was quickly sold-out and it gained lot of attention in the Finnish media. Years went on and the band moved forward with their electric kantele sound. Their second album, ”Peräpohjolan Takana” (Far Behind the Farthest North) was released in 2016 via Aavetaajuus label. It was a leap that took the band even more forward in evolution. At the same time their sound was heavier than ever, but it was also more melodic and more sharp. Along with black metal, doom metal and occult rock, they took inspiration from other genres too, including thrash metal, melodic death metal, traditional heavy metal, punk and even from ethnic ambient! As an honour to the old music formats, ”Peräpohjolan Takana” was released as a good old compact cassette format. Like ”Mieron Tiellä”, it was also very quickly sold-out.

In 2017 the band wanted to expand outside of the Finnish borders to get more fans. SoundAge Productions answered the call and will re-release both of Tevana3 albums into international markets. Now metal fans all over the world are able to enjoy the breathtaking sound of electric kantele in the form of decent melodic extreme metal with lyrics of darker side of the human nature, nature mysticism, occult, sex, sorrow and Finnish mythology! Below you can watch the official teaser for both albums.

Peräpohjolan Takana
1. Čuorvvas
2. Kurimuksen musta kulkku
3. Suttakin pahempi koito
4. Raajat auki
5. Rakennan taas
6. Maksani teutova
7. Duoddaris
8. Lehtolapsi

Mieron Tiellä
1. Siivet poltin
2. Olen aina täällä läsnä
3. Kipusi
4. Koprat
5. Pakkasperhonen
6. Poloine poiga
7. Ristikanzu
8. Syvempi on merten helma
9. Verinen tulva
10. Elä kulje, lapsoseni
11. Siivet poltin (demo)
12. Poloine poiga (demo)
13. Pakkasperhonen (demo)

Juha Jyrkäs – vocals, electric kantele, percussions
Aslak Tolonen – bass
Janne Väätäinen – drums

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