ALTAR released debut EP

ALTAR - Ancestral

Altar is a new dungeon synth project, inspired by Brazilian indigenous cultures and diversity, following the true roots of the genre sonority. It is the personal project of Rômulo, who is also the mastermind behind the dungeon synth ambient black metal band Iamí. “Ancestral” is the debut release for Altar and it is a 4-track EP. The album is released only digitally and is available in the band’s official Bandcamp page. Each track has its own ambience, from the peace of the forests and the order of the tribes, to the Brazilian caves (since there aren’t ruins and castles in this country). The final track is about the arrival of the Europeans in America… You can find a short description of each song in the tracklist below and in the Bandcamp lyrics. The beautiful painting in the cover artwork is by François-Auguste Biard (1860).

1. Forest – 05:42
(The hunter painted his face majestically, then went into the woods to wait for the night creature. Patience and connection overwhelmed him.)
2. Tribe – 04:30
(The Vine of the Dead ritual begun and only silence is capable of reveal what happened around the fireplace in the tribe’s square.)
3. Cave – 05:37
(She looked at the cave’s entrance, and plunged into the darkness. Returning to the light with her courage back.)
4. Encounter – 09:07
(The shaman went to the beach and talked to the wind, then after a while, staring at the horizon, he saw the giant canoe-like figures coming over the waves. He knew everything would change…)

Altar @ Bandcamp


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