DISTORIAM, TROLLWAR & TROBAR unveil upcoming split EP details


Distoriam, Trollwar & Trobar, three of the most popular folk metal bands based in Canada, are thrilled to announce the release of their long awaited split EP album titled “Distrollbar“, which features new unheard tracks from each band and several covers of popular songs. “Distrollbar” will be available via digital distribution only, through all know digital music retailers (iTunes, Spotify, Google Music, Amazon Music, etc) on July 21st, 2017. With unique, soulful instrumentals featuring heavy bass combined with expert song writing, ”Distrollbar” is the best of not just two worlds but of the three greatest folk metal bands in Canada. “Distrollbar” features 7 tracks in total: a new song and a cover from each band and one cover song that is a collaboration between the three bands. Featuring songs like Magnetic North” which is an Alestorm cover done entirely in French, cover from Ebony Tears, as well as Quebec stand-up comic, Laurent Paquin, listeners should expect melodic and groovy music, with progressive sounds sure to keep you wanting more.

1. Distoriam – Les Héros du Passé
2. Trobar – Marée Noire
3. Trollwar – Soup of a Thousand Souls
4. Distoriam – Magnetic North (French Poutine Version) (Alestorm Cover)
5. Trobar – Légende Indienne (Quebec Folk Song)
6. Trollwar – Nectars of Eden (Ebony Tears Cover)
7. Distrollbar – Chant Sacré (Metal Version) (Laurent Paquin Cover)

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Trollwar official page
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