SYN ZE SASE TRI reveal upcoming album details


Romanian pagan black metallers Syn Ze Sase Tri from Timisoara are pleased to reveal the cover art and track listing for their upcoming fourth full-length album “Zăul Moș“, a work strongly inspired by the bloody myth of the Ancient Dacian Legends of their motherland Transylvania. 2016 was a very difficult year for Syn Ze Sase Tri, since most of the band members had to leave the band, due to loss of interest or personal problems. Corbu (one of the band’s founding members) finally decided to continue the band, recruiting new members: “Moș” on guitars, Florin “Dor” Gheorghiță on drums and Florin “Șuier” Costăchiță on vocals, all of them with experience in bands like Opus Ruina, Malpraxis, Necrovile, Ka Gaia An, An Theos or Dark Fusion. Syn Ze Sase Tri have renewed their contract with Aural Music / Code666 label and “Zăul Moș” will be released on September 29th 2017.

1. Tărîmu De Lumină
2. Dîn Negru Gînd                            
3. Solu Zeilor
4. De-a Dreapta Omului
5. Zăul Moș
6. Plecăciune Zăului
7. Urzeala Ceriului
8. Cocoșii Negri
9. În Pîntecu Pămîntului

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