BELLFAST unveil upcoming album details

BELLFAST - Triquedraco

Japanese folk metallers Bellfast from Nagoya and Tokyo will release their sophomore full-length album “Triquedraco” on October 11th, 2017 in Japan via King Records. It was recorded by Taro Arai at Sound Koara Studio (Saitama, Japan), while drums and additional vocals were recorded by Tady Nakamura at Studio NEWS90 (Aichi, Japan). The album was mixed and mastered by Andy La Rocque at Sonic Train Studios (Varberg, Sweden) and produced by Taro Arai and Bellfast. This new work is crowned with a mysterious coined word, ”Triquedraco” referring to an ancient crest shown on the artwork. The word combines the Celtic symbol Triquetra representing the Trinity idea and Draco meaning the dragon in Latin.     

While Bellfast’s debut album “Insula Sacra“, which was released in 2010, included songs that had been written since the band’s formation in 1993, all 11 songs recorded on this second album “Triquedraco” have been written after 2010. Even though this time again the folk Viking taste, which boldly featured the violin and the flute, provides the main axis, they do not overwhelm the variety of melodies in the songs. In this album, Bellfast presents a modern heavy metal sound, while at the same time, echoes the classic dynamics reminiscent of ’80s hard rock and heavy metal such as NWOBHM. Whereas many other folk Viking metal bands are taking an extreme approach like death and black metal, Bellfast’s approach highlights the uniqueness of their sound and allows them to offer up this traditional heavy metal feast.

1. Dragon’s Lament (Prologue)
2. Sign of the Paganheart
3. Boudica
4. Black Mist Island
5. Ancient Celtic Fire
6. When the Sunrise
7. Où Est la Rose?
8. Light
9. 1014 (The Battle of Clontarf)
10. Sword of Victory
11. Inis Mór

BELLFAST - band 2017

Koh Nishino – Vocal
Makoto Kano – Guitar
Taro Arai – Guitar
Yumiko – Flute
Saori Hoshino – Violin
Shuji Matsumoto – Bass
Hiroshi Sakakima – Drums

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