SHOKRAN released instrumental album

SHOKRAN - Exodus (Instrumental Edition)

Russian progressive oriental metallers Shokran have just released the instrumental edition of their second full-length album “Exodus” that was originally released on September 2016. With “Exodus (Instrumental Edition)” you can listen and enjoy to the full specter of the high-level instrumental arrangements of the album that conquered many listeners. Astounding guitar work, amazing drums and bass will involve your ears from cover to cover. Shokran’s music will narrate you an ancient story. You’ll have a chance to join the times of the Pharaohs’ reign, namely, The Plagues of Egypt times, which had persuaded the Pharaoh to release the ill-treated Israelites from slavery, the beginning of the Exodus. Accompanied by the tough riffs, minor harmonic melodies, furious rhythm section, this album will cause a full-immersion in the antiquity. “Exodus (Instrumental Edition)” is available is several digital stores, but is also available as bonus CD in the digipak double CD edition of the original “Exodus” album that you can purchase in the band’s official Bandcamp page.

1. The Blood (Intro) – 01:55
2. Creatures from the Mud – 04:25
3. The Swarm – 03:19
4. Living Arrows – 03:33
5. Praise the Stench (..Of Your Fallen Idols) – 03:04
6. Disfigured Hand (feat. Patrick Somoulay) – 05:21
7. And Heavens Began to Fall – 03:48
8. The Storm and the Ruler – 03:01
9. Revival of Darkness – 03:36
10. Firstborn – 03:10

Shokran @ Facebook
Shokran @ VK
Shokran @ Bandcamp


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