FENRIS changed name to SWORN TO THE SWORD and prepare new album


American melodic folk black death metallers Fenris from Texas are preparing their second full-length album, “The Calling“! They have just revealed the cover artwork by Nathan James, the same artist who created the artwork for their first album “Across the Darkened Skies“. Together with the cover artwork the band announces that from now on they are renamed to Sworn to the Sword! As the band members state “some of you may be wondering where the band name is at…well, from this day on the band name will be reforged from “Fenris” to “Sworn to the Sword”. Have no fear, we will still be composing epic folk metal, just maybe a little more epic! The band page will remain named “Fenris” until the news has spread, we want all our warriors to know that we are still the same band, just with a new identity. We are very excited to release this album with you all, more information will come soon!

Sworn to the Sword @ Facebook
Sworn to the Sword @ Bandcamp


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