ATAVISTIA reveal debut album details

ATAVISTIA - One Within the Sun

Canadian epic symphonic melodic death black metal band Atavistia from Vancouver, BC, will release its debut album “One Within the Sun” on September 19th, 2017. Atavistia is the newly formed brainchild of Matt Sippola, who is the only member of the band. Although this album was born on the West coast of Canada, it heavily revolves around the Nordic metal scene. Influenced by bands such as Wintersun and Ensiferum, Atavistia has obtained elements of folk, death, black, and symphonic metal. This album consists of five long epic tracks with many blast beats, heavy guitars, screeching vocals with massive orchestrations and synths to create this epic “wall of sound” feel. As a bonus, there are also instrumental versions of 4 of these tracks. “One Within the Sun” will be a digital only release for the time being and you can get a first taste of its music in Atavistia’s official Bandcamp page.

1. The Perpetual Winter
2. One Within the Sun
3. Beyond the Meadows of Fire
4. Fireborn
5. Seas of Stars
6. One Within the Sun (Instrumental version)
7. Beyond the Meadows of Fire (Instrumental version)
8. Fireborn (Instrumental version)
9. Seas of Stars (Instrumental version)

Atavistia @ Bandcamp
Mattias Sippola @ Facebook


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