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ANDRAS – Reminiszenzen

German epic heathen black metallers Andras from Erzgebirge will release their seventh full-length album “Reminiszenzen…” on October 20th, 2017 via Einheit Produktionen. Twenty years have passed since the release of the debut album “Die Rückkehr der Dunklen Krieger” and seven years since their previous work “Warlord“. As the title reflects, “Reminiszenzen…” reminisces across three chapters the grande black metallic motives which influenced the band, as well as the entire scene, from the very beginning: spirituality, heresy and attachment to the roots. The listener can enjoy 67 minutes of the 90′s spirit of the everlasting Andras sound in well-engineered context. The tracks are straightforward, leaving space for deep atmospheres, demonic aggression and epic worship of the German Erzgebirge (the ore mountains). The legendary Saxon black metal quartet consists of founder and guitarist Nightsky, new vocalist Khenaz, keyboarder Ghwerig, as well as old hand bassist Black Abyss, who also celebrates his return to vocal duties on this release. The line-up was rounded out with several guest musicians, for example former drummer Shardik. “Reminiszenzen…” was recorded at Cryptsound studio in Aue (Germany) and the crystal clear post production was handled by former Andras member Farago. A 20-page booklet, created with works of exceptional talent by Thomas Huth, will accompany the digipak CD.

1. Im Schatten der Flammen – 7:05
2. Black Rain – 6:35
3. Phantasma – 6:27
4. Zenit – 5:22
5. Die Tilgung – 3:02
6. Der Blinde Mann – 4:40
7. Altar der Finsternis – 6:24
8. Blessed in Sin – 3:36
9. Anewand – 3:22
10. Fergunna – 4:58
11. Raubschütz Teil 1 – 5:38
12. Raubschütz Teil 2 – 6:24
13. Das Portal – 3:15
Total playtime: 67:06

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