GRAI announced new single at the start of their European tour

GRAI - Donya

The folk metal quintet Грай (Grai) from the Republic of Tartary in the east of Russia is reporting back! Starting on Saturday 16/9, fans will have a chance to experience Irina (vocals), Ruzel (guitar), Aliya (flute, bagpipes, vocals), Yuri (bass, growls, kaljuka, jew’s harp) and Andrey (drums) perform live again: Together with СатанаКозёл (SatanaKozel) and Anabioz, Грай are boarding the tour bus. From 09/16/2017 to 10/11/2017 the tour plan holds a total of 20 shows in 11 different countries. You can see all dates in the band’s offical pages, following the links below. Грай stand for a multifaceted mixture of delicate folklore sounds and powerful metal, spirited, heady and as swift as it is soulful – a unique sound that makes the hearts of a huge fan base leap for joy. All over Europe! And to round the whole thing up, Грай are carrying a brand new single in their trunk: “Donya” will be released digitally by Noizgate Records on September 29, 2017. With “Donya“ Грай are proving the lot of their talents once more. Traditional instruments and clear, polyphonic, female vocals, supported by modern, melodic metal – Грай are at their best: Flutes and vocals to make for the melodious part, with massive powerchord riffs adding just the right amount of heaviness. In terms of vocals, “Donya” is a rather desperate song, though, attending to a still sadly contemporary topic: It tells the story of a girl named “Donya“, whose mother wants to marry her off despite her will to an old and ugly man whom she doesn’t love…

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Grai @ VK
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