FOLK METAL JACKET released debut full-length

FOLK METAL JACKET - Eulogy for the Gentle Fools

Italian folk metallers Folk Metal Jacket from Modena have recently released their debut full-length album “Eulogy for the Gentle Fools“. It is a concept album whose idea started from the story of “Winter Fog“, the last song of their 2013 EP “Spill This Album“, to evolve towards totally different atmospheres and an unexpected ending. The lyrics focus on the crisis of the values of bravery and tribe spirit, which were highly represented in the previous works of the band. Hence, the main character of the story is often facing danger alone, in opposition to the multiple individuals starring older songs like “Mosh’n’Storm” or “The Battle“. Musically speaking everything has improved, from recording technique to vocal variety and lyrics. Variety is the key, because in 2017 you don’t expect many people to listen to a whole album where every track sounds the same, except the most renowned bands. This album wants to find balance between every aspect of music, giving every acoustic sensation its own space and value. ”Eulogy for the Gentle Fools” is available on CD and in most digital platforms since September 17th, 2017.

1. Traveller’s Song
2. A Dreadful Painting
3. The Forest
4. Spirits’ Dance
5. Azathoth’s Call
6. Nepenthes Rajah
7. Heroes’ Paradox
8. The River
9. Water Rings
10. Fireflies Serenade
11. Zoé
12. The Mist
13. Declivio
14. Catarsi
15. Devilish Touch


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