ITNUVETH reveal upcoming album details

ITNUVETH - Tales and Legends of Wolves

Viking pagan black metal band Itnuveth from Barcelona, Spain will release its 4th full-length album entitled “Tales and Legends of Wolves” via Base Record Production on October 15th, 2017. The new album is mixed and mastered by Marc Figueras Franch in the Produccios F2F studios. The lyrical concept, as the album title implies, is about histories of wolves. Itnuveth have unveiled the cover artwork, realized by Jose Antonio Vives, as well as the album tracklist. “Tales and Legends of Wolves” will be available in standard jewel-case edition CD and a special bundle including the CD, the album T-shirt and many extras. Itnuveth have also released the official music video for the song “Trained Wolves”, as first taste of the album.

1. Dressed in Black                  
2. Slightly Dead Sun
3. In the Distance a Lament
4. Earth’s Son
5. The Battle of the End of the World
6. Awakes the Wind
7. Doomed Wolf
8. Black Hearth
9. Trained by Wolves
10. Under the Eternal Wings (Bonus track)

Volundr – electric guitars, acoustic guitars, bass and mandolin
Funedëim – vocals and Lyrics
Váli – flutes

Itnuveth @ Facebook
Itnuveth @ Bandcamp

ITNUVETH - Tales and Legends of Wolves - bundle


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