PLEMЯ unveil upcoming debut album details and teaser

PLEMYA - Enuma Elis

Belarusian experimental ethno tribal metal band Plemя (Plemya) from Minsk will release its debut full-length album “Enūma Eliš” on November 1st, 2017 via SoundAge Productions. The album’s mixing and mastering was performed by Jaroslav Yukhnevich and it will be out both in jewel-case edition CD and digipak CD. Plemя have just revealed the official album teaser that you can watch below and get a first taste of what’s to come. Cover artwork and album tracklist are also unveiled. “Enūma Eliš” will be available digitally on November 1st 2017, while on November 19th there is a live presentation of  the album in Minsk and on December 16th in Moscow.      

Plemя started its countdown in 2014, when guys just got together and really did not know how to make out all their crazy ideas in the rhymed lines and consonants of notes. The project was created when the frontman Vadim Shulga (vocals, percussion) had the idea of forming an atypical metal band with masks. Since the task was not simple, the first year was spent on creating more specific concepts and images. Each member of the group participated earlier in various musical projects, but since everyone had different tastes, and did not want to become attached to a particular style, much of the original material was discarded, redone, and only by the second year of the group’s existence it acquired the current look. All masks, racks and entourage is the work of Vadim Shulga, who is a blacksmith. Each of the band members imagined the picture, and the vocalist’s skillful hands materialized all this. In 2016, the group successfully made its debut on the stage and by now has numerous performances at the festivals of Belarus, Russia, Ukraine and Romania. In addition to playing on stage, they also organize shows in their performances: dances, fireworks, salutes. Often at their concerts, you can see girls from the ethnic plastics studio Ketri. In 2016, Plemя filmed their first video clip for the song “Totem“, which quickly got into rotation on Russian television. The operator and editor was a talented videographer Sergey Buben. In 2017 the keyboardist came to Plemя and at the moment the group has 7 members.

1. Пролог
2. Enūma Eliš
3. Тотем
4. Племя
5. Волны
6. Перевал
7. Новый Рассвет
8. Нижний Мир
9. Тихие Холмы
10. Эпилог

Vadim Shulga – percussion, vocals
Shapovalowa Marina – drums
Alexander Kardymon – guitars
Sylvester Palanevich – guitars
Dmitry Ivantsov – bass, backing vocals
Dmitry Duganov – flutes, backing vocals
Vitaly Borovkov – keyboards

Plemя @ Facebook
Plemя @ VK


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