THE HORN released new album

THE HORN - Volume 19

Blackened Ancient Egyptian occult space metal project The Horn from Australia has just released its new full-length album, “The Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead – Volume Nineteen“. The Horn is the personal project of ‘A Demon Sheen’, who since 1996, has been setting all 189 Spells of the “Egyptian Book of the Dead” (R.O.Faulkner translation) to his own brand of quasi-Egyptian esoteric ambient black metal. On this, the Nineteenth Volume in The Horn’s ancient grimoire, ‘A Demon Sheen’ decided not to play guitars at all, but the Turkish saz instead. Drones, microtones, and lots of wah pedal ensued. There are thematic links between many of the spells on this volume. The theme in “Spell 85“, for instance, was composed by playing the main riffs of “Spell 117” backwards; the theme in “Spell 187” is based around the riff in “Spell 117” played slower; “The Mound of the Ibis” is a reformed version of the theme in “Spell 85“; the distorted saz riff in “Spell 155” is the riff from “Spell 157“, played slower and with a scorpion sting in its tail; the granularly-stretched ambiences throughout are made from layers of other Spells dimensionally-wrenched into sprawling noise-scapes with Paul’s Stretch Software. “The Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead – Volume Nineteen” is a digital only release, available in The Horn’s official Bandcamp page. For those interested in physical albums, The Horn have recently released a compilation CD “As a Living Soul” limited to 100 copies via the Russian label Haarbn Productions.

1. Spell 157 – 03:05
2. Spell 117 – 02:55
3. Spell 185 – 04:54
4. Spell 85 – 08:17
5. Spell 94 – 02:49
6. The Mound of the Ibis – 01:57
7. Spell 187 – 04:33
8. Spell 180 – 18:42
9. Spell 155 – 11:28

Volume Nineteen” was conceived as an album with two roughly equal halves: Side A is from “Spell 157” to “Spell 187” inclusive, and Side B is “Spell 180” and “Spell 155“.

The Horn @ Facebook
The Horn @ Bandcamp


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