SCREAMING SAVIOR – 宙海 / Infinity


Origin: China
Genre: Symphonic Black Metal
Label: Metal Hell Records Mort Productions
Year: 2012

Screaming Savior is a Chinese symphonic black metal band from Shanghai! It’s not the most common origin for this genre, I admit, but this band is really good! They were formed back in 2001, but it was 2009 when they released their first work, the full-length debut “Eclipse of the Dark Lunar“. Their debut really surprised me, with its excellent compositions and its classical music inspired symphonic black metal. Their production needed some improvement though, but it was more than ok for a debut album. In 2011 they released the EP “永战之海 / Ocean of Asura“, an appetizer for their second album “宙海 / Infinity“, which came out on February 2012 by Mort Productions, a Chinese label who has released all 3 works of Screaming Savior so far.

After the short instrumental intro, comes the song “宿星 / Star of Fatality“, making it clear that we have to deal with an exceptional album! Screaming Savior offer us excellent symphonic black metal, in a quite personal style. Except for a few traditional instruments (most dominant in the second song) the choice to sing in their native language, adds a very interesting twist in this genre. Of course their music is extreme melodic black metal, full of majestic symphonic keyboards and a cinematographic atmosphere! Cheng Yang is a very expressive singer and he is equally good in many different styles, with his “brutal” clean vocals on the third song “血弑万劫 / Sanguinary Salvation” (my favorite) being just impressive! The production is definitely improved, as expected, but I think it can still get better and more solid. Their guitars are also very good, both in playing the leading melodic riffs and in accompanying the synths (they could be a little heavier though). All these are just details, since the album is very very good! Each composition is different, with its own atmosphere. Some songs are slower, some of them have a more soundtrack-like atmosphere, others have influences from electronic music or folk elements, others a more bombastic symphonic approach, others a more melodic mood and some of them a brutal aggressive attitude… All their lyrics are in Chinese and there are no translations in the booklet, except for the last song “Across the Boundary of Cosmos“. Based on this song, their lyrics seem to deal with astral themes…

Infinity” is a very good album that fans of symphonic black metal must definitely check. Maybe you couldn’t expect such a quality album coming from China, but Screaming Savior took the best elements of the genre and presented them to you on their own personal style. They are already preparing their next album and rumors say it will be more Chinese folk oriented! If you like this album, you must also check their debut, another excellent work, even if quite different. You can visit the links below and especially their Bandcamp page, where you can listen to the whole album. “Infinity” was also remixed, remastered and re-released on Metal Hell Records with new artwork on February 1st, 2013.


Rating:  (9/10)

Screaming Savior @ Myspace
Screaming Savior @ Facebook
Screaming Savior @ Bandcamp


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