ALNE released new EP

ALNE - Opowiesci Krotszych Dni

Polish dark experimental folk metallers Alne have recently released their new work, a digital only 3-track EP entitled “Opowieści Krótszych Dni“. The ancient Gods of Alne’s homeland, feasts, folk demonology, customs, rites and chants collected by ethnographers are always an endless source of inspiration for their music. This time, the lyrics form a triptych devoted to “the dark side of the year” – autumn and winter time. Two of the songs are based on poems written by Teofil Lenartowicz (a Polish 19th century ethnographer, sculptor and poet, whose writing was inspired by Polish folklore). The third song tells of Żmij (Slavic dragon), fighting with Perun. The triptych “Opowieści Krótszych Dni” contains about 14 minutes of music.

1. Modlitwa Słoneczna               
2. Martwe
3. Kult Żmija

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Alne @ Bandcamp


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