KHORAJA released debut EP

KHORAJA - Echoes of Thunder Beneath the Waves

Greek atmospheric melodic black metalles Khoraja from Thessaloniki, have just released their debut EP “Echoes of Thunder, Beneath the Waves“. It is a 4-track EP with a total duration a little over 16 minutes, available digitally in the band’s official Bandcamp page. Khoraja were formed in 2017, by the main members Thomas (guitars, music, lyrics) and Leonidas (bass, also on Deuteronomy, Carthage). Khoraja’s influences come from a wide range of black metal genres, mainly from the atmospheric and melodic scene, including bands as Ulver, Agalloch, Wolves in the Throne Room among others. The concept of “Echoes of Thunder, Beneath the Waves” deals with a man who is obsessed with a woman who lures him and eventually destroys him. Vocals in the EP were recorded by Andy (Silent Sun), while drum programming, mixing and mastering were done by Leonidas. At the moment, the band is searching for a label to release the EP on physical format. In addition, Khoraja are already recording new material and they are looking for a full line-up.

1. Caerulean Constellation – 02:12
2. Echoes of Thunder – 06:32
3. Beneath the Waves – 05:10
4. Remembrance… – 02:16

Khoraja @ Facebook
Khoraja @ Bandcamp


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