CÂN BARDD reveal upcoming debut album details

CAN BARDD - Nature Stays Silent

Swiss atmospheric black metal band Cân Bardd has revealed the first details of its upcoming debut full-length album entitled “Nature Stays Silent“. It will be released on March 2018 in a beautiful digipak edition CD limited to 1000 copies by Northern Silence Productions, containing 8 songs for a total of 1 hour and 11 minutes. It will also be available in the band’s official Bandcamp page. Cân Bardd is actually Malo Civelli’s personal project, since he wrote all songs and lyrics for “Nature Stays Silent” and performed all instruments, except drums played by Dylan Watson. Malo Civelli has also recorded and mixed the album himself, while the mastering is by Mike Lamb. Cân Bardd have unveiled the wonderful cover painting “Le Chemin du Grimsel” by Alexandre Calame and the album tracklist. Both Malo and Dylan are also members of the Swiss folk Viking metal band Kaatarakt.

1. Introduction ( 5:19 )
2. My Ancestors ( 7:09 )
3. An Evolving Painting ( 8:14 )
4. Méditation Glaciale ( 11:58 )
5. Underwater ( 8:58 )
6. Océan ( 8:36 )
7. Abîme ( 9:54 )
8. A Gift For Nature ( 10:44 )

Cân Bardd @ Facebook
Cân Bardd @ Bandcamp


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