MENEAPNEONTES unveil upcoming album details

MENEAPNEONTES - Peri Polemou Psychis

Greek epic black metallers Meneapneontes will soon release their upcoming studio work, entitled “Περί Πολέμου Ψυχής“. It is the second full-length album of the band, after 2015′s “Promachos“, and it will be released in CD format via the Mexican label Azermedoth Records at the end of September 2018. “Περί Πολέμου Ψυχής” includes eleven tracks of Hellenic black metal cult, featuring guest appearances by Hildr Valkyrie and Magus Wampyr Daoloth. Meneapneontes have already unveiled the cover artwork and album tracklist, as well as a couple of songs from the new album!

1. Ήρωος
2. Σιδηρούν Γένος
3. Περί Πολέμου Ψυχής             
4. Καταιγίς
5. Είμαι Ένα Κάστρο
6. Αριστόδημος
7. Αίας
8. Στων Μακάρων τα Νησιά
9. Χενέλλας
10. Αδεές Δέος
11. Ερασιθάνατος

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