Origin: Germany
Genre: Epic Black Metal
Label: Einheit Produktionen
Year: 2012

Ahnengrab is a German epic pagan black metal band that has been around since 2004. Their debut album “Anhengrab” was released in 2008 by Heiden Klangwerke and exactly 4 years later they return with their second full-length. They signed a deal with the German label Einheit and they hope their new work “Omen” will reach larger audiences.

Their music is based on their guitars and their fast riffing that carry out all melodies, since they don’t use synths at all. Anyway it’s true that the band has paid more attention to the aggressiveness of its songs and less to their melodiousness. Combined with the long duration of the album that lasts a little more than one hour, prepare your ears for a merciless attack! Luckily they use some classical instruments, mostly violins and cello, in a few tranquil passages, as well as acoustic guitars in some of their songs. Their production is very clear and professional, giving a powerful sharp sound in their excellent guitars that sometimes have a death metal “color”. Band’s technical skills are at a high level, much better than what on their debut work! Their rhythm is quite fast, but it also gets slower in the most atmospheric parts. Christof L’s vocals are pagan black metal screams, but they sound much more extreme and rageful than the usual for this genre. All of their lyrics are in German and you can find them in the booklet.

Overall “Omen” is a great aggressive epic pagan black metal album that will satisfy fans of the genre, especially those that prefer less melodic works. The album is released by Einheit Produktionen in a limited to 1000 copies digipak version, as well as in a standard jewel case edition, both with a 16-page booklet. The amazing cover artwork is by Ingo Tauer and depicts perfectly the lyrical concept and mood of the band. You can follow the links to Ahnengrab’s official pages below and get a taste of their music on your own.


Rating:  (7,5/10)

Ahnengrab @ Facebook
Ahnengrab @ Myspace


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