LOCHRIAN POEM released debut album


Lochrian Poem is one of the newest projects of Andrei “Solomonar” Oltean from Sibiu Romania (also in E-an-na, Prometheic, Shades ov Sha’arimrath, Transylvanian FolkCore Orchestra, ex-Prohod, ex-Hoia Baciu, ex-WarChant). With this band he explores an experimental atmospheric folk doom metal sound, with a very unique sound and constant changes of mood and musical styles… After a couple of singles, the debut full-length album of Lochrian Poem, entitled “Snow” has just been released digitally on January 4th, 2019. It is a short and spontaneous album about the grey and static landscapes of Guşteriţa, in the suburbs of Sibiu, where time has a very strange consistency and the clouds loom like inexplicable bits of dust hanging from one’s clothes. Eerie dogs and unsettling people dwell in this crevice of reality, and the wind here, descending from Făgăraşi, whispers some things that nowhere else are to be heard. This is an album to be heard at the edge of an urban wasteland, in complete solitude, in the darkness that only somewhat cloudy winterdays can provide… Album artwork is by Gabriela Gheorghiu and the band logo by Tiron Costin.

1. Mal – 02:31
2. Sud – 05:38
3. Colos.gri – 09:35
4. Snow – 09:39
5. Råu – 16:25

Lochrian Poem @ Facebook
Lochrian Poem @ Bandcamp


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