NORVHAR unveil debut EP details


Swiss epic pagan folk metallers Norvhar from Lausanne will release their debut EP “Kauna” on February 16, 2019. Apart for the digital release, “Kauna” will be also available if physical CD edition, self-released by the band. Formed in 2018 from the ashes of the band Harmoniks, Norvhar consists of six skilled musicians, all of them with stage experience. After about three years of work on this EP, it seems important for the band to explain the content and concept of the album. Kauna (or kaunas or Kaunan) is the Viking rune of fire and knowledge. Since the concept of this EP is a story told by an obscure old man at the fireside, the meaning of this title, which seems abstract at first, it becomes clearer. He narrates the fate of peoples living in a world prey to wars and massacres. Each song of “Kauna” depicts the life of one of the peoples of our universe. The song “Fields of Fate“, the climax of the EP, is a great battle uniting all the people in a merciless battle, from which few souls will escape. Norvhar leave it to the listener to discover the end of this story in the concluding song titled “… to Ashes“. The band has already unveiled the album artwork and tracklist, while the single “Of Stone, Gold & Blood” is already available in their official pages.

1. From Fire…
2. Fest in Midgard
3. Of Stone, Gold & Blood
4. Mystic Forest
5. Goblins’ Outpost
6. Fields of Fate
7. … to Ashes

Norvhar @ Facebook
Norvhar @ Bandcamp


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