AVATHAR released new album

AVATHAR - Burgulu ku-ghara

Finnish epic folk symphonic black metal band Avathar breaks its many years silence, returning with their first full-length album after 15 years! Avathar is a Tolkien inspired band formed back in 2000 as a two-piece project (Witch King and Scatha) until summer 2005. ‘Avathar’ is the name of a dark land in the south of Aman in between the mountains and the sea in J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-Earth. Ungoliant used to dwell there before she and Melkor destroyed the Two Trees of Valinor. After several member changes, Avathar has now a full line-up and its new album goes by the name of “Bûrgulu kû-ghâra” (Shadows from Time), consisting of 13 songs of their own and 2 covers, some unreleased, some remakes of old ones. It is released digitally via Gollum’s Treasures, a new label dedicated only to fantasy-themed bands. If everything goes as planned, a physical release will follow.

1. Pimeyden Aika – 06:42
2. Autumn of Lothlorien – 06:20             
3. Gloomweaver – 06:02
4. The Great Battle – 07:25
5. Kadotettu – 07:55
6. The Wind – 07:02
7. Tower of the Moon – 05:57
8. Houses of Pain – 06:43
9. To The Land Veiled in Mist – 06:46
10. Lost in the Waves – 07:11
11. Come Down With Us – 05:28
12. Nan Elmoth – 06:51
13. Sharp Glance – 10:02

Witch king – Vocals
Dragon hunter – Guitar
Anfauglir – Bass
Khamûl – Drums
Scatha – Orchestration
Ar-Pharazôn – Orchestration

Avathar @ Facebook
Avathar @ Bandcamp


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