VENGEFUL SPECTRE unveil debut album details

VENGEFUL SPECTRE - Vengeful Spectre

Chinese epic folk black metallers 殒煞 (Vengeful Spectre) will release their debut full-length album on January 15th, 2020 via Pest Productions. 殒煞 (Vengeful Spectre) is a new band forging black metal with traditional Chinese folk music elements. Established in the spring of 2019, they completed the writing of the first track “慟啸”, which was included in the compilation CD of new wave of Chinese black metal “Death Kult Over Black Congregation” released via Pest Productions. The band quickly gained wider attention in and outside of China based on this excellent single with desolate atmosphere. 殒煞 (Vengeful Spectre) now return with a 36-minute self-titled conceptual album. The consecutive six chapters describe a story of eastern swordsmen concerning war, conspiracy, betrayal and revenge. Apart from the standard digipak CD edition, there will be also a limited to 100 copies cloth bag edition including the CD, logo patch, one set of illustration cards ( x8 ), as well as a limited cassette edition. The digital album is already available in their label’s official Bandcamp page, while the pre-orders start on January 8th.

1. 破軍 The Expendables
2. 殞殤 Desperate War
3. 慟嘯 Wailing Wrath
4. 歸隱 Hermit
5. 肅弒 Rainy Night Carnage
6. 哀忿 Despair and Resentment

Vengeful Spectre @ Bandcamp


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