“Spirits of the Forest” by GM is released

GM - Spitis of the Forest

Epic fantasy music composer George Mirtsekis from Athens Greece has finally released his debut album “Spirits of the Forest“. George Mirtsekis is an independent music composer, whose entire life, as long as he can remember, was defined by his passion for music. His favorite styles, that inspire his compositions, include epic fantasy music, Celtic medieval music, symphonic and orchestral music. His goal is always the same: to discover new epic fantasy worlds and distant forgotten kingdoms, full of beautiful landscapes and wondrous creatures. Let’s start this magical journey together!

1. Under a Whispering Moon – 02:53
2. A Warrior’s Final Destiny – 03:15                        
3. Endless Oceanic Dreams – 04:06
4. Nightstorm – 04:18
5. The Shy Fairy Inn – 02:13
6. Horror Beneath the Forgotten Temple (Part 1: The Summoning Curse) – 05:25
7. Horror Beneath the Forgotten Temple (Part 2: The Frozen Haunting) – 03:18
8. The Path of Golden Leaves – 03:19
9. The Awakening of the Titans – 03:13
10. Winter’s Icy Embrace – 08:41

GM official page
GM @ Bandcamp
GM @ YouTube


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