SILENT PATH debut album details and official video

SILENT PATH - Mourner Portraits

Silent Path is another musical project from Saman Nu, the musician from Tehran, Iran behind the atmospheric black metal project Ekove Efrits. Silent Path is a completely different beast altogether. The sound is grittier, darker, and much less optimistic and brings together elements of down-tempo depressive black metal, funeral doom, and ambience, with a strong emphasis on soaring melancholic riffs. “Mourner Portraits” is a bleak hour-long journey into the depravity that humanity is capable of, and should appeal to all fans of depressive black metal, in particular those who enjoy Exiled From Light and Ekove Efrits. This album was originally completed in 2009 and now finally gets an official release, complete with a 16 page booklet including lyrics, notes, and more. It will be released by Hypnotic Dirge Records on July 21st of 2012. It is already available for pre-order, download, or free streaming on their label’s page!

1. Empty Earth
2. Filth of Mankind
3. Broken Trees
4. Last Men, Last Dreams
5. Forgotten Sounds
6. Sarabe Aramesh
7. Epic Suicide
8. Grey Dolls from Nowhere
9. Unwritten Story

Furthermore, an official music video for the track “Grey Dolls from Nowhere” was created by Saman in 2010.



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