CRAVING official video for “Penelope’s Prayer”

After four years of silence, German epic melodic extreme metallers Craving have finally released a new video for the song “Penelope’s Prayer“, taken from the band’s last album “By the Storm” (2016). On the one hand this video showcases the band’s musical core and on the other hand concludes the planned light and shadow interplay that has already surrounded the previous clips.

Craving explain the particularly currently relevant background of the song as follows:  

The ‘Odyssey’ by Homer superficially describes the journey of Odysseus back to Ithaca and his rebellion against Poseidon. Our song, on the other hand, stands rather for the inseparability and fidelity between the protagonist and his wife Penelope. She never gives up hope, which ultimately pays off. This work is our personal appeal to loyalty and hope – no matter how dark the current situation may be“.

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