SYRGÐR SKÓGR – Borke (Demo)


Origin: Germany
Genre: Ambient Black Metal
Label: Self Released
Year: 2011

Syrgðr Skógr is the personal project of Norwin. He comes from Kiel in Germany and is also a member of Eldborg and Skardus. This band was born in 2006 and in 2009 self-released the first demo “Walþu” in a very special format: CD-R limited to 50 handmade A5 books with real linocuts. In the end of 2011 the band, once again on its own, released the second full-length demo entitled “Borke“.

The band plays underground black metal with many ambient passages. Syrgðr Skógr get their inspiration from nature and its connection with man free from the dogmas and ideas of his fathers. Despite the thematology, they don’t play pagan black metal, but they chose to create a very depressing agonizing atmosphere…  The band has a raw sound, with an unpolished production that gets cleaner only in the acoustic guitars. “Borke” moves mostly in a slow asphyxiating tempo, with only a few faster parts. They have a deep heavy sound in the guitars and an almost drone / doom approach in their music, while Nordwin’s vocals are typical black metal screams, somehow in the background. Their ambient parts have this same funeral atmosphere and it seems to me that all sounds come from distortions on the guitars and there are no synths at all. There are 6 songs in the album, lasting for almost 47 minutes.

If you like slow heavy underground black metal, Syrgðr Skógr is a band you better check. Their music isn’t based on melodies, but on its dark suffocating atmosphere. “Borke” comes in a special version, limited to 40 handmade copies with real linocuts. First 5 in Gold, next 5 in gold/brown and the rest 30 in brown, all wrapped in hand made paper, sealed with a real tree-branch. The size of this pack is a little bigger than A5 and it also contains an amazing handmade 12-page A5 booklet and the CD-R in a paper sleeve (see photo below). Most probably it will be already sold out, but Nordwin plans to re-release it on vinyl. So stay tuned. You can find more info about this band in the links below.


Rating:  (7/10)

Syrgðr Skógr @ Facebook



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