WALLACHIA tape re-releases and upcoming album details

WALLACHIA - From Behind the Light TAPE

Symphonic pagan black metal band Wallachia will re-release its two full-length albums on tape format via Ukrainian label Nightbirds Records. Label owner Roman (Drudkh, Blood of Kingu & Old Silver Key) will do another pressing of the tape version of the debut album “From Behind the Light” from 1999 including the demo/MCD as bonus tracks. There was also a first pressing on tape again by this label in 2005. In addition Nightbirds Records will also do a tape version for the first time of the 2nd album “Ceremony Of Ascension” from 2009. Both these tapes will be available this fall.

Wallachia are currently working on their 3rd studio album “Shunya” that is scheduled to be released in the end of year by Debemur Morti Productions. It features 8 songs and has a playing time of 40 minutes. According to their guitarist / singer Lars Stavdal: “The biggest change / improvement this time is the inclusion of real orchestra elements, …the new album feels also closer to the early stuff – more based on atmosphere and melancholy, while we also pushed the rawness further.” In their official myspace profile you can listen to a pre-mix version of the song “Nostalgia among the Ruins of Common Sense” from the upcoming album. More info will follow soon…

Wallachia @ Myspace


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