EVELYN – The Key to Understanding Suicides

EVELYN - The Key to Understanding Suicides

Origin: Poland
Genre: Electronic Melodic Black Metal
Label: Self Released
Year: 2012

Evelyn is an atmospheric melodic extreme metal band from Poland, formed in the end of 2002 by Asteria (keyboard) and Chorus (guitar), while bassist Morgoth jumped in the band after a while. At its first steps (until the first demo) Evelyn was an instrumental project, but in 2003 vocalist Kristof joined them as their new member. A second demo followed and in 2006 the band self-released its debut full-length “Assertivity“. The same year Morgoth and Kristof left the band and in 2007 their current singer Alexa joined the band. Until now there are no other line up changes and the band remain as a trio. Their second album “Awareness of Death” was out in 2008 and now, four years later and after a couple of singles the band returns with its third album “The Key to Understanding Suicides“.

The album contains 5 songs and lasts for over 42 minutes. There are 2 instrumental tracks and 3 long songs. Two of these songs are taken from their 2 singles in 2010 and 2011. Evelyn play a mixture of atmospheric melodic metal with black metal vocals, progressive touches and electronic elements. I find their music very interesting and their technical skills at a good level, especially for a self-made album. Keyboards definitely dominate their sound and except for some typical synths parts, they are of very experimental nature, with many unusual electronic sounds and atmospheric samples. There is a very good balance in the production, leaving a lot of space for the guitars too, who have mostly a rhythmic role, with only a few lead parts. Alexa sings only with black metal screams, but they fit very good with their music. Despite the fact her vocals are quite extreme and raw, they remain discreet at the same time. So, for an unexplained reason, the overall impression this album gives me, is that of an instrumental work! Maybe it is the remains of Evelyn’s beginning… These 3 main songs are quite complex and the band mostly builds on their atmosphere and less on catchy melodies. I still believe though they need more work in the compositions and especially in the drum programming, that sounds too fake and sometimes ultra fast. Their lyrics are in English and they deal with melancholy, life, death, human feelings and mental disorders.

The Key to Understanding Suicides” is the most professional work of the band and I recommend Evelyn to those who like to discover new melodic atmospheric extreme metal acts. There is still room for improvement, but I believe they have many good qualities in their music. Don’t forget that this album is something like a collection, since it contains songs composed and recorded in different times for promotion singles. So I am sure that with a more solid recording and production process things would be much better. The album is released on a digipak version and is available directly from the band. You can visit the links below for more info and contacts.


Rating:  (7,5/10)

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