DÄMMERFARBEN new album release details


Dämmerfarben’s sophomore album continues the same poetic, nature-inspired and at times melancholic folk black metal style the German band is known for from their well acclaimed debut “Im Abendrot“, but introduces three new band members: Emma Björling (female vocals), also known from Kongero and Lyy, Magnus Holmström (Nyckelharpa, Kontrabasharpa), known from performances with his band Storis & Limpan Band and his solo-concerts and Martin Wiese (Accordion, Percussion, Keyboards), mastermind behind Enid. “Herbstpfad” (“Autumn Path” in English) was recorded during the cold winter months of 2012 and conceptually it’s all about late autumn and the beginning of winter. The album will be released on August 24 via Northern Silence Productions in a gold printed 8-panel digipak edition limited to 1000 copies.

1. Höststig
2. Im Spätherbst
3. Vinterblekheten över Fältet                                
4. Zu Nächtlicher Stund
5. Löv i Höststormen
6. Und Winters Kälte Kehret Ein
7. Vintervisa

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