MUNRUTHEL’s “Epoch of Aquarius” rerelease

MUNRUTHEL - Epoch of Aquarius

Released in 2006, the third album of Munruthel “Эпоха Водолея – Epoch of Aquarius” became nowadays a classic of Ukrainian folk pagan metal.  This quietly sold out masterpiece of Slavonic pagan art is now revived by the joint effort of Svarga Music (digipak edition) and Gardarika Musikk (jewel case edition). Made by a legend of Ukrainian underground, Vladislav “Munruthel” Redkin, who participated in more than 30 albums with various bands like Nokturnal Mortum, Astrofaes, Lucifugum, Thunderkraft, this great album consisting of folkloristic colors, technical solos and live folk instruments makes glory and pride of Ukrainian pagan metal scene! Re-edition comes with new artwork and includes as bonus tracks cover versions of Dead Can Dance’s “Black Sun” (jewel case edition) and BURZUM’s “Tomhet” (digipak edition). The album will be released on August 6th.

1. On the Verge of the Worlds (Prologue)
2. The Raven Croak                                   
3. In Leaves’ Whisper or in Bursts of the Thunder
4. Epoch of Aquarius
5. I Was Confided by Dawns…
6. Echo of the Forgotten Battles
7. On the Verge of the Worlds (Epilogue)
8. Black Sun (DEAD CAN DANCE cover, jewel case edition)
9. Tomhet (BURZUM cover, digipak edition)



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